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Russia: Trump and Kim are like 'children in a kindergarten'

McCain torpedoes Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

Puerto Rico dam failure 'imminent' after Hurricane Maria

UK's credit rating downgraded by Moody's

Mexico earthquake hit church during christening

Miss Turkey stripped of her crown over coup tweet

Indonesia: Bali volcano highest alert issued

Snow comes early to California

Brazil's army sent to quell Rio favela violence

New Zealand votes in tight general election

Theresa May urges EU to retain trade terms for two years after Brexit

Syria war 'ignored by United Nations'

Uber London loses licence to operate

A train passenger's view of India

What's so special about Eric?

Sir Patrick's guide to Shakespeare theatre costume sale

How business is driving the new space race

Kalashnikov statue changed because of German weapon

Saudi textbook features image of Yoda with King Faisal

Professor praised for bringing his ill mother to class

Africa's biggest modern art gallery opens in Cape Town

Where would FC Barcelona be in an independent Catalonia?

Slaves in modern Britain: 'Living in the dark'

Bosnia's war-ravaged Olympic track comes back to life

Iraq's minorities fear for their future

Why are posts by Rohingya activists getting deleted?

The long wait for a Persian iPhone keyboard

Mexico quake: Families cling to hope amid search for survivors

Was Aaron Hernandez a victim of sport's growing brain injury toll?

Who are the world's richest women?

Diego Costa: Striker says he will always have 'special affection' for Chelsea

Toby Roland-Jones: England seamer a doubt for 2017-18 Ashes

Valentino Rossi completes practice sessions at Aragon GP after double leg fracture

Tour Championship: Paul Casey takes a share of halfway lead as Spieth falters

Everton Ladies 0-2 Liverpool Ladies

Super 8s: Castleford Tigers 16-48 Hull FC

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Daily Telegraph

French left stages street showdown over Macron reforms

Donald Trump promises Americans will be protected from 'little Rocketman' Kim Jong-un 

Social media star Kylie Jenner reportedly pregnant

Red faces as Russian monument to creator of Kalashnikov depicts German rifle

Prince Harry meets teams in Canada for the Invictus Games

Polls open in cliffhanger New Zealand election

Dam bursts in Puerto Rico sparking evacuations of towns at risk of flooding  

New 'targeted' Trump travel ban could cover several more countries

British man dies as Royal Navy helicopter rescues wife and children from capsized ship near Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

'Dearest Teddy': Sylvia Plath's love letters to Ted Hughes published for the first time

Has the UK's Brexit position actually changed?

Letters being sent to prison are being photocopied amid fears they are soaked in drugs  

Prince Harry meets veterans and their families ahead of the Invictus Games

Hundreds of thousands sign petition to 'save Uber' as up to 40,000 drivers face unemployment

Rugby player jailed for killing girlfriend in drink-drive crash - despite her family's plea for leniency

Pregnancy doctors back abortion on demand with no criminal sanctions

5x5 bulletin for Friday 22 September: Listen to today's essential news from the Telegraph

John McCain dashes Republican hopes of repealing Obamacare by saying he can not support new bill

Bible passage used to stop women become ordained 'added later', academic claims

Theresa May's Florence speech attempts the optimistic tone of Boris Johnson's Brexit vision

Parsons Green: Teenager Ahmed Hassan accused of buying parts on Amazon to build Tube bomb

Spanish prosecutor seeks sedition charges for leaders of Catalan protests

Surgery 'segregation' as NHS patients made to sit on hard chairs while private patients get plush sofas 

Former University Challenge contestant cleared of rape

Sri Lanka probes 'longest saree' wedding for using child labour

Bad karma for the Buddhists who released hundreds of lobsters into the Channel

Macron defies street with Trump-style live signing ceremony of labour reform decrees

Nibiru: How the nonsense Planet X Armageddon and Nasa fake news theories spread globally  

German election 2017: Polls and odds tracker as Merkel seeks fourth term as Chancellor 

Syrian asylum seeker given refuge in UK posted Isil material on Facebook, court hears as he is jailed for two years 

Syrian opposition activist and her US citizen daughter murdered in Istanbul

Incompetent thief phones 999 to report his own burglary

New fingerprint test that detects cocaine in 30 seconds set to transform fight against drug use at work

BBC to launch weekly pop show a decade after Top of the Pops 

New Zealand election: Will 37-year-old former Blair advisor Jacinda Ardern topple Bill English?

Hurricane Maria pummels the Caribbean, in pictures

Vet nurse who deliberately poisoned her own dog escapes jail

Ex-waiter tipped to lead Italy's Five Star Movement as general election looms

Bolshoi performs volte face to stage Nureyev ballet despite director being under house arrest

Revealed: death rates for NHS trusts

North Korea tension rises as Pyongyang threatens H-bomb and Kim Jong-un brands Donald Trump a 'mentally deranged dotard'

Angela Merkel's latest election weapon: Posters of herself as a child

From nudism to potato soup: Seven strange facts about the German election

When is the German election 2017 and what time will we know the result?

Saudi Arabia accidentally prints textbook showing Yoda sitting next to the king

Uber ban divides opinion - how Telegraph readers, Londoners and black cab drivers reacted

Autumn starts today! Here's everything to know about Autumn equinox 2017

'Decapitated man' reports outside Tennessee garage take bizarre twist 

Warnings of crocodile 'power vacuum' in Australian river, after giant 17-foot 'saltie' illegally shot dead

Erdogan says young Turks who study in West return as  'spies' - but his own children studied in US 

What does Uber losing its licence mean for Londoners - and when will the service shut down?

British supermarket offers 'finger vein' payment in worldwide first 

What is a 'dotard'? Kim Jong-un’s obscure insult to Donald Trump explained 

Tiny Irish island of Bere rocked by ‎mystery €500,000 lottery win

Thousands evacuated as Bali volcano threatens to blow

Couple appear in court charged with murdering 'au pair' after charred body found in garden of £900k home

Police officers increasingly want to be armed, survey finds

Search for mystery couple after passer-by took the perfect wedding proposal photograph

Anger in Mexico as officials admit Frida Sofia, the 'girl trapped in earthquake rubble' does not exist 

New Scottish MP admits she did not vote in the Brexit referendum

UK weather forecast: cloud and drizzle as autumn officially begins

Hospital that treated Syrian chemical attack victims bombed in widespread air strikes

Mexico earthquake: rescue dog who has saved 52 lives in her career searches for more victims

'Stupidly politically correct society is the death of comedy', warns veteran comedian Mel Brooks

Banks to 'check immigration status of 70 million accounts' to identify failed asylum seekers

Man's free birthday drinks at Wetherspoons takes very bizarre twist  

Do you live in a flood risk area and what to do if you are hit by a flood?

How high is air pollution in your city and how does it compare to the most polluted cities in the world?

How many nukes are in the world and what could they destroy?

How many people are killed by terrorist attacks in the UK?

Donald Trump latest approval rating and impeachment odds

Leading criminal lawyer in row with airport lounge after it 'accused him of stealing orange juice'

Pictures of the Day: 22 September 2017

Concert venue becomes first in Britain to ban paper tickets from its box office in bid to beat touts

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McCain may have dealt fatal blow to Obamacare repeal effort

New Trump travel ban to have country-specific restrictions

Trump's diplomacy by vacuum puts US on the sidelines

Kim slams 'deranged' Trump as N Korea threatens H-bomb launch

70,000 Puerto Ricans told: 'Evacuate NOW'

Soon all of Hong Kong's dolphins will be dead

Fishery threatened by controversial mining project

Why Munich's Muslims turn to old pubs

Theresa May plans to delay Brexit impact

New Zealand goes to the polls

Australia's far right fighting for attention

Mexican Navy sorry for 'missing girl' report

Iran unveils new long-range missile

The power Suu Kyi can't control in Myanmar

Why North Korean sanctions have failed

Russia and China push back on a US-led world at UN

Theresa May is dragging Britain off a Brexit cliff edge

Teenager charged in London Tube attack

World's richest woman dies

Uber barred from London

Iran unveils new long-range ballistic missile

Actor to live in Helsinki Airport for 30 days

Kylie Jenner is pregnant

Family rescued from capsized boat

The 'trapped' Mexican girl who didn't exist

Spaceship to slingshot past Earth

Get rich, change world, for $20

Piquet Jr hails 'crazy' support for Formula E

Puerto Rico tennis star's tearful message

Quiz: How much can you remember from the week's news?

This is no way to dismantle a nuclear bomb

First look: Dominica knocked to its knees by Maria

Germany's hidden hunger

Play and stay: World's finest golf resorts

Chef asks Michelin to remove his 3 stars

'Forgotten' towns in the US

When you and your partner have mismatched libidos

Students dive with sharks and explore space

Audrey Hepburn's private world

The most powerful celebrity images

Is this the future of paper money?

Duck de Chine: Beijing's best Peking duck?

Wonder horse eyes world domination

The new home of elite clubbing

Why today's teens are taking longer to grow up

Can graphic design save your life?

How European living came to Bangkok's heart

Las Vegas performer defies gravity on one leg

Europe's best, worst airports

Meet London's sensational 'drag clowns'

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The Economist

Assortative mating: Marital choices are exacerbating household income inequality

GDP forecasts

Unwinding QE: The case against shrinking the Fed’s balance-sheet

The Economist explains economics: How supply can create its own demand

Doing good well: Why America’s overseas aid agency needs reform

Just the job: Ever more Indians are struggling to find work

Tracking changes: Egypt is making renewed efforts to reform its economy

Paradise lost: How Hurricane Irma will change the Caribbean

Free exchange: Stanley Fischer and the twilight of technocracy

Switching to autopilot: The Fed prepares for its balance-sheet—and its board—to shrink

Generation games: Great strides have been made against disease and poverty

Youth unemployment

The global economy: Will credit cause a slowdown?

Underserved and overlooked: Digital technology can make financial struggles easier to manage

Free exchange: Governments need to rethink their attitudes to debt

Salute!: Some good news from Italy

The Economist explains: How Australia broke the record for economic growth

Border terriers: A survey finds support for both globalisation and import tariffs

The Economist explains: Why it is so difficult to measure inflation

Christian Lindner on Germany: What would the FDP do?

Kaffeeklatsch: An interview with Christian Lindner

Wave of re-migration: Eastern Europe’s wave of emigration may have crested

Bagehot: In Britain, Atlas is about to shrug

Populism in America: The future of Bannonism

Fear of finance: Financial stability is a growing concern of central banks

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Washington Post

Trump escalates a war of words with North Korea, calling Kim Jong Un a ‘madman’

‘Thousands of people could die’: 70,000 in Puerto Rico urged to evacuate with dam in ‘imminent’ danger of failure

Latest effort to repeal Obamacare on brink of failure after GOP defections

Plan undercuts pledge to protect coverage for preexisting conditions

The Fix: 56% of Americans prefer ACA over new GOP plan, poll finds

Staff chafes at Kelly’s style as he tries to tame West Wing

Trump expresses doubts about Strange while stumping for him: ‘I might have made a mistake’

I was brought here illegally in 1950. I’m lucky I wasn’t deported.

These jury systems are vestiges of white supremacy

If the kids aren’t alright, blame the parents

Once upon a time, I was a gang member

Five myths about multilateralism

Tom Price sure knows a lot about waste, fraud and abuse

GOP targeting a corporate tax rate of 20%, retreating from Trump’s goal

DHS tells 21 states they were targeted by Russian hackers during 2016 race

High court case offers window into how representatives choose their constituents

The African American Museum a year later: Still the hottest ticket in town

The African American Museum a year later: Still the hottest ticket in town

Solar industry roiled by trade ruling that some fear could lead to tariffs

EPA chief Pruitt met with many corporate execs. Then he made decisions in their favor.

‘What’s going to happen to our generation?’: An emotional Cris Carter talks CTE, his career and Aaron Hernandez’s diagnosis

'As long as I have Weimaraners, I will photograph them.' William Wegman's lesser-known dog Polaroids.

What’s in the path of Hurricane Maria

Homes you can buy for $1 million

What the Obamas have been doing since they left the White House

See some of the entries in National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year contest

Trump administration rescinds Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault

As Trump campaigns for Strange in Alabama, he expresses some doubts: 'I might have made a mistake'

Enforcer or ‘choke point’? Kelly seeks to bring order to chaotic White House.

Activists plan further resistance — and thank yous — as ACA repeal effort staggers

Mexico may now have too much earthquake aid

Trump escalates a war of words with North Korea, calling leader Kim a ‘madman’

DHS tells states about Russian hacking during 2016 election

British Prime Minister Theresa May offers Brexit details in landmark speech

‘Extremely violent times will come!’: Ominous emergency alert was just a TV test gone awry

‘Thousands of people could die’: 70,000 in Puerto Rico urged to evacuate with dam in ‘imminent’ danger

She chose to die so she could have a baby. Now her husband has to bury them both.

Coulter says she assumes “Free Speech Week” at UC-Berkeley is canceled. Milo Yiannopoulos says it's on.

Why didn't Equifax protect your data? Because corporations have all the power.

If Trump kills the Iran deal, he may give the world another Rocket Man

Why would anyone in Puerto Rico want a hurricane? Because someone will get rich.

How Trump is helping to save our democracy

Virginia Republican’s ad ties opponent to MS-13. Democrats compare it to ‘Willie Horton’

Top D.C. health regulator mum on United Medical Center obstetrics ward shutdown

Dominion abandons plan to build power lines near descendants of ex-slave in Northern Virginia

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser announces reelection bid

Stephen Curry has long been reluctant to speak out. Then along came Donald Trump.

'Thank you for being my mom:' John Wall weeps during emotional tribute to his mother

No. 1 DeMatha finds its footing in second half and runs all over No. 6 Friendship

Donald Trump profanely implores NFL owners to 'fire' players protesting national anthem

The mysterious group that’s picking Breitbart apart, one tweet at a time

Melania Trump hosts her first event in the garden Michelle Obama founded

How Jake Gyllenhaal and a Boston bombing survivor made a different kind of hero movie

Carolyn Hax: How to make a former boyfriend a future friend

How the world's cartoonists are skewering the Trump vs. Kim war of words

An elephant who texted for help and other tales of animals on the move

How do you get an audience excited for opera? It’s the vision thing.

Washington National Opera lands a star: Timothy O’Leary to become general director

Facebook, Google and Twitter face proposed bill targeting shadowy political ads

Yes, Twitter can reject this anti-abortion group’s ads for displaying ‘sensitive content’

This underwater 'Ironman' jetpack lets you swim faster than Michael Phelps

The new Apple TV 4K finally catches up to its competitors

After the breach, Equifax now faces the lawsuits

EPA chief Pruitt met with many corporate execs. Then he made decisions in their favor.

GOP eyes corporate tax rate of 20 percent, retreating from Trump’s lofty goal

Mnuchin flew on government jet to Washington following appearance at Trump Tower

Trump could learn from federal employee Service to America Medal winners

Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims

Induction of union-busting Reagan into Labor's Hall of Honor shocks union

Q&A for federal workers: Veterans preference in hiring

Liliane Bettencourt, L’Oréal heiress and world’s richest woman, dies at 94

Albert Speer Jr., architect who tried to overcome father’s Nazi legacy, dies at 83

Lillian Ross, New Yorker journalist who helped create the nonfiction novel, dies at 99

Jake LaMotta, ‘Raging Bull’ of boxing, dies at 95

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